Includes: Parts Manuals, Service Manuals

Makes/Models covered:

  • RICOH: FT2010 M100, FT2050, FT2070
  • INFOTEC: 6016S, 9016, 9016Z
  • NASHUATEC: 5115, 5115RE, 6115
  • PITNEY BOWES: L215, L315
  • SAVIN: 7015, 7015RE

    Also included in addition to the above:

  • CS1040 Sorter Parts List, Service Manual
  • CS1060 Sorter Parts List, Service Manual
  • DF36 Document Feeder Parts List, Service Manual
  • Technical Bulletins

  • Equivalent Models List (mouse over to view related information): Below is a model equivalency list which identifies OEM machines (in bold / blue) that are sold by other companies under their own brand names. Typically, troubleshooting / error codes / machine parts are identical, but some may be modified to the re-branded company’s specifications by the OEM – you will want to verify this when purchasing parts from your parts supplier. Toner, cartridges, and other consumables may not be identical, so you will want to make note of this when purchasing these products.

    Ricoh ModelEquivalent Manufacturer / Model
    FT2010Ricoh FT2220
    .Ricoh FT1520
    .Ricoh M100
    .Danka Infotec 9016S
    .MemoCopy MC116
    .Nashuatec 6115
    FT 2050Danka Infotec 9016
    .Imagistics-Pitney Bowes L215
    .MemoCopy MC115
    .Nashuatec 5115
    .Savin 7015
    .Speed-O-Print Ricoh 2050
    FT2070Danka Infotec 9016Z
    .Imagistics-Pitney Bowes L315
    .MemoCopy MC115REZ
    .Nashuatec 5115RE
    .Savin 7015RE
    .Speed-O-Print Ricoh 2070

    File Size: 12 MB
    Filetype: ZIP archive, Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF)

    All Printer / Copier / Scanner / Fax / Sewing service manual items have had OCR (Optical Character Recognition) run upon them to make them searchable.

    Also, these items are Indexed with Adobe Acrobat (when there are 3+ files), making all of that item’s included .pdf files searchable from one interface on your computer.