Parts List, Service Manual

Equivalent Models List (mouse over to view pertinent information):Below is a model equivalency list which identifies OEM machines (in bold / blue) that are sold by other companies under their own brand names. Typically, troubleshooting / error codes / machine parts are identical, but some may be modified to the re-branded company’s specifications by the OEM – you will want to verify this when purchasing parts from your parts supplier. Toner, cartridges, and other consumables may not be identical, so you will want to make note of this when purchasing these products.

DEC Model Equivalent Manufacturer / Model
LN20 Oce 6480
. Konica Minolta 2060FX
. Konica Minolta PageWorks 20
. Konica Minolta PagePro 20
. Konica Minolta SPA310
. Minolta-QMS2060FX
. Minolta-QMS SPA310
. Minolta-QMS PageWorks 20
. Minolta-QMS PagePro 20
. Minolta-QMS 2060BX
. Epson EPLN2000
. Genicom MicroLaser 200
. Genicom MicroLaser 20

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All Printer / Copier / Scanner / Fax / Sewing service manual items have had OCR (Optical Character Recognition) run upon them to make them searchable.

Also, these items are Indexed with Adobe Acrobat (when there are 3+ files), making all of that item’s included .pdf files searchable from one interface on your computer.