Enter the manufacturer name, then enter the model name. Do not enter any non alpha numeric characters – enter a blank space instead for these characters. As you type, you will see search result titles begin to show in the search window (after 3 characters). Your entered search term may not directly show in the search result title window, but it is in the product description, and it is covered by the listed service manual (check the item page to confirm). If multiple results show in the search result title window, and you are not sure which would be the best choice to purchase, simply hit enter. You will be shown a page with all of the search results for that search term. You can then check each item individually for the best choice for your model.

When searching for copiers / printers / fax / duplicator machines, if we do not have the service manual for your specific machine, we may have an equivalent model’s service manual – many of these machines are manufactured by one company and sold under various brand names. If the equivalency list is shown for a particular item on our site, you will see other models equivalent to yours, with the original manufacturer in bold, one of which we may have.

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions. Thanks!