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Search Tips

  • We use hyphens in the model name when originally named that way by the manufacturer, and our search engine handles hyphenated and nonhyphenated terms differently. Therefore, a search for NP-6060 will not give the same results as a search for NP6060. In these cases, just enter 6060 and your search results would include both of the above terms.

  • Try to enter just a portion of the model name instead of the complete model name.

  • When searching for copiers / printers / fax / duplicator machines, if we do not have the service manual for your specific machine, we may have an equivalent model's service manual - many of these machines are manufactured by one company and sold under various brands. You may want to check the following "Equivalency List" - Katun - Select the machine type from the list on left, then the manufacturer from the drop down list, then the model for which you are searching for a service manual. The equivalency list will show other models equivalent to yours, with the original manuafacturer in bold, one of which we may have.

    Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions. Thanks!